Chris Cyprus: Allotment Art


Landscape Artist Chris Cyprus paints ‘Life on the Allotments.’

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A web-site dedicated to the inspiration of Landsape Artist Chris Cyprus. What started out as a year long project has now become an addiction resulting into more than 200 paintings depicting ‘Life on the Allotments’ and an obsession that ended up with Chris getting his own plot! Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 09.11.36It all started with the humble Garden Shed and old rustic Garages, ‘I was facinated with the textures and colours and what was inside these time capsules’. This led Chris to the Allotments where he found inspiration and was overwhelmed by the passion and pride that people had for their plots. Chris also wanted to carry out more figurative studies, but wasn’t sure how to introduce them into his Landscapes, then after a holiday in Provence in 2006, Chris spent some time in Arles where Van Gogh painted local Farm Workers and other local people. So when Chris first visited the allotments he instantly knew how he wanted to portray these people, ‘there was a certian humour that was typicaly British in the charactors that I met, almost cartoon like which also influenced the style in the way I wanted to capture them.’

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