Your Allotment Magazine

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Your Allotment, the magazine that reaches the heart of the allotment community in North London.

Your Allotment was launched in July 2011 to provide the sort of magazine I wanted to read myself. I got my quarter-plot in 2009, not knowing much about allotments at all. I had grown herbs, salad and cherry tomatoes in my window box, but really I was – and still am – a complete novice. I had a few books on allotment gardening, but somehow they didn’t quite give me the information I needed, in language I could understand. What, I wondered, was mulch? And chit? And do you dig in the spring or the autumn, or both? There was no magazine devoted to allotments sold on the newsstands or in garden centres and I didn’t know about the National Allotment Society. I drove everyone on my site mad with my questions. . .

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