Three Acres and a Cow

field-2Telling the history of land and food in Britain is always a multi-stranded narrative. On one side we have the history of enclosure, privatisation and the dispossession of land based communities; on the other we have the vibrant histories of struggle and resistance that emerged when people rose up and confronted the loss of their lands, cultures and ways of life.


Eynsham Allotment Association

Eynsham Allotments is a thriving community.  Originally on the site of what is now Bartholomew School, Eynsham Allotments has a long history.  more...


Chris Cyprus: Allotment Art

Landscape Artist Chris Cyprus paints ‘Life on the Allotments.’

View Chris’ gallery

A web-site dedicated to the inspiration of Landsape Artist Chris Cyprus.

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Your Allotment Magazine

Your Allotment, the magazine that reaches the heart of the allotment community in North London.

Your Allotment was launched in July 2011 to provide the sort of magazine I wanted to read myself.