Scotland’s Allotment Site Design Guide 2013


The aim of  the Scotland Allotment Design Guide 2013 is to provide detailed solutions to all aspects of good allotment site design. To ensure that an allotment site can be designed to bring pleasure to users, providers and the general public, and to enhance the environment.

Scotland’s Allotment Site Design Guide is aimed at those who have the responsibility for designing and planning allotment sites and those who have the responsibility for the approval of planning permission. By providing a good practice guide the general public can have confidence that allotment sites are being designed to a set of standards endorsed by the Grow Your Working Group which was set up by the Scottish Government to take forward those aspects of food production associated with allotments, community gardens and orchards. The Guide will also be very useful to existing allotment sites to improve their appearance and the regeneration of derelict allotment sites. There are many options to any particular problem and it is the user’s responsibility to choose the correct solution for their particular scenario. Communications with local residents and other interested parties is advised to maintain good relations. No two allotment sites will be exactly the same, but many features will be similar.

There is great pressure for new sites, with Local Authorities, public sector bodies, housing associations, development trusts and private groups all seeking advice on how to design and implement a well-designed allotment site. Some existing sites are well integrated into the local landscape with boundary hedges and trees, fruit trees, shrubs, coppices and shelter belts. However, many existing sites will benefit from advice on good designs for boundary and communal areas, planting schemes and appropriate construction materials. 

For further information visit The Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

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