Re-framing the great food debate: The case for sustainable food

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Reframing_the_Great_Food_Debate, argues that ideas around local food have played a key role in the ‘great food debate’ that has taken place in the UK over the last two decades. As such, the local food movement has been extremely useful in raising awareness and helping to shape public discussion about the future of food.

At the same time, it is now apparent that the notion of ‘sustainable food’ has important advantages over local food for framing the next phase of the debate. We define sustainable food as food associated with high levels of well-being, social justice, stewardship and system resilience. A focus on sustainable food is particularly attractive because it provides a basis for a holistic approach to the challenge of re-making the food system. Issues around well-being, social justice, stewardship and system resilience arise throughout the food system – in production, processing, manufacture, transportation, retail, preparation and waste disposal – and for producers, workers and consumers, whether they are located in the UK or abroad.

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