The Future for Allotments – Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs


THE FUTURE FOR ALLOTMENTS Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Fifth Report


      ¬†“Allotments are an important feature in the cultural landscape. They combine utility, meaning and beauty with local distinctiveness.”

1. Allotments enable people to grow their own produce regardless of whether they have access to a private garden or not. Although plots were initially provided solely with this aim in mind, the extent and use of allotments have since varied and allotment sites now fulfill a broader range of needs for both plot-holders and the community at large.

2. During 1997 we noted with concern an apparent decline in allotment provision, especially in connection with growing pressures on land-use for development purposes. Following on from the additional issues raised by the publication of the English Allotments Survey[3] in December, we resolved to inquire into the Future for Allotments, examining the following areas:

  • The value, quality and affordability of allotments;
  • the extent of interest in allotment cultivation;
    • the efficient use of allotment land;
    • the effectiveness of statutory protection for allotment sites;
    • the roles and responsibilities of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, local authorities and other bodies concerned with the promotion, allocation and maintenance of allotment land; and
    • other matters which might arise in the course of questioning.

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