Allotments in England – report of survey 2006

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Allotments in England – report of survey 2006 by Professor David Crouch University of Derby

Department for Communities and Local Government

This report presents the results of the survey of allotments, city farms and community gardens in England. This survey and its analysis were undertaken by the University of Derby between 2004 and 2005. The survey included attention to the following

  • supply, and trends in supply (comparing current evidence with a similar previous survey undertaken in 1994-96)
  • demand
  • site characteristics
  • policy
  • management practice regarding city farms and community gardens, their:
    • supply – this is the first time such data has been collected and analysed
    • site characteristics; policy; management practiceThis report presents an analysis of these categories of data, discussion and conclusions. From these, recommendations are made for consequent handling of allotment matters, including their future monitoring. It presents a discussion on emerging issues
      concerning city farms and community gardens.This report accompanies two significant data sets, on Allotments, and on City Farms and Community Gardens. These datasets, provided by this survey, accompany a GIS database whose locational data were provided through the survey. 

Read/ download full text here, Allotments in England – report of survey 2006

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