Land Settlement (Facilities) Act 1919

Land Settlement (Facilities) Act 1919

The Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919 allowed local authorities to provide smallholdings and allotments to war veterans, which further increased demand for land for growing-your-own. more...


Making Local Food Work Final Newsletter – November 2013

The final newsletter of Making Local Food Work – a reflection from Plunkett’s Chief Executive, Peter Couchman.
Making Local Food Work was a bold decision by the Big Lottery Fund to support communities who wanted to take ownership of where their food comes from. more...
Allotments Act 1922

Allotments Act 1922

The Allotments_Act_1922 (12 & 13 Geo.5, Ch. 51) gave tenants greater security and greater compensation on termination of tenancies (Thorpe 1969, 18). more...


Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908

The Small Holdings and  Allotments_Act_1908 (8 Edw. 7. Ch 36.) repealed and consolidated the legislation of 1887, 1890 and 1907. It was notable for making the following provisions (many of which still apply):

  • Should the council be of the opinion that there is a demand for allotments by the labouring population, but they cannot be obtained at a reasonable rent by voluntary arrangement, then the council shall provide and let allotments.