Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1926

The Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1926 made some amendments to the Allotments Act 1908 to 1919. It also made some minor amendments to the 1925 Allotments Act.  more...

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Agricultural Land (Utilisation Act) 1931


Land settlement scheme

Land settlement scheme

The Agricultural Land (Utilisation) Act 1931 was passed to facilitate the extension of the allotment system and was intended to be repealed as soon as the crisis was over (Thorpe 1969, 18).

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Allotments Act 1925

The Allotments_Act_1925 included the requirement that allotments must be part of every town planning scheme and, most importantly, that land purchased or appropriated for use as allotments must not be disposed of or used for other purposes without Ministerial consent. more...

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Allotments Act 1922

The Allotments_Act_1922 (12 & 13 Geo.5, Ch. 51) gave tenants greater security and greater compensation on termination of tenancies. In addition, the Act required that each council establish an allotments committee (s.14 (1)), which included ‘persons experienced in the management and cultivation of allotment gardens’ (s.14 (2)). more...