Agricultural Land (Utilisation Act) 1931

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Land settlement scheme

Land settlement scheme

The Agricultural Land (Utilisation) Act 1931 was passed to facilitate the extension of the allotment system and was intended to be repealed as soon as the crisis was over (Thorpe 1969, 18). Broadly, the provisions of this Act allowed the Minister to supply allotments for the unemployed or those not in full-time employment and defray losses incurred by local authorities, in providing allotments for the unemployed. In addition, discretionary grants for seeds, fertilisers and equipment for the unemployed could be made available to councils and societies through the Minister ‘in accordance with regulations made by him with the approval of the Treasury’ (The Agricultural Land (Utilisation) Act 1931, s.16 (1)).

See also the Agricultural_land (Utlisation) Bill 1930:

A Bill to promote the better utilisation of agricultural land in Great Britain and the settlement of unemployed persons thereon, to amend the law relating to small holdings and allotments, and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.

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