‘Buy logs, never, not in a hundred years, we’d never buy logs.’ Women and the rural economy, Oxfordshire c. 1945-1970

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Picture from Benson and Ewelm Walks. http://www.wallingford.co.uk/files/benson-ewelme_walks.pdf

This paper, by Angela Davis (2008) investigates how women in postwar Oxfordshire contributed to the family income through their labour both inside and outside the home, with traditional means such as growing vegetables:

Everybody had big allotments as well as their gardens.

RHS Wisley allotment

Royal Horticultural Society

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The Cultivation of Allotments (P Elford and S Heaton 1917)


Full text Elford and Heaton_1917

Nowadays many people are cultivating an allotment or a vegetable garden for the first time, and any practical assistance that can be given to them should be really useful in saving them from unnecessary expense and in enabling them to grow enough garden produce to keep themselves and their families.

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A Lot to Lose: London’s disappearing allotments October 2006

Greater London Authority October 2006


Beyond the clamour of a London street there is a copse of willow, a wooden fence, the giveaway roof of a ramshackle shed.