Cityfood: Linking Cities on Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Systems

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RUAF Foundation report – Cityfood: Linking Cities on Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Systems

To download the report CITYFOOD:  Linking Cities on Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Systems click here

Today’s world is characterized by urbanization, growing urban markets, urban poverty and food insecurity, rising food prices, growing dependence on food imports and challenges posed by climate change. Increased attention for city-region or urban food systems responds to the need to place food higher on the urban agenda. This requires new levels of attention from actors who have been traditionally less engaged in food and agriculture decisions, including professional planners and local and regional authorities.

Cities must start to embrace the challenge of providing uninterrupted access to water, food, and energy, and improved quality of life of all of their citizens, while minimizing resource extraction, energy consumption, and waste generation, and safeguarding ecosystem services (…). In this regard, there is a clear role for urban food systems and agriculture as a key land use feature for more resilient city- regions. Raf Tuts, Coordinator, Urban Planning and Design Branch, UN-Habitat, July 2013

Further information on urban farming can be found at

City Farmer’s web site Urban Agriculture Notes ( has hundreds of pages of information about city farming. Begun in 1994, it was the first web site on the Internet to publish information about urban farming. Their websites (.org and .info) grew out of the newspaper publication, “City Farmer”, which began in 1978.

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