How much is that vegetable on the allotment?

Trying to assess the value of an allotment is something that has preoccupied many minds and been the subject of considerable debate for more than two hundred years. more...


Allotment disposal guidance: Safeguards and alternatives

Allotment disposal guidance: Safeguards and alternatives.  Department for Communities and Local Government. January 2014 

1.1  Allotments are valuable community spaces that provide people with the opportunity to enjoy regular physical exercise; meet new people in their neighbourhood; and benefit from a healthier diet, regardless of income.


Scotland’s Allotment Site Design Guide 2013

The aim of  the Scotland Allotment Design Guide 2013 is to provide detailed solutions to all aspects of good allotment site design. more...

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Agricultural Land (Utilisation Act) 1931


Land settlement scheme

Land settlement scheme

The Agricultural Land (Utilisation) Act 1931 was passed to facilitate the extension of the allotment system and was intended to be repealed as soon as the crisis was over (Thorpe 1969, 18).