Departmental Committee of Inquiry into Allotments Cmnd.4166 (The Thorpe Report)

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The 1969 Departmental Committee of Inquiry into Allotments Cmnd.4166, otherwise known as the Thorpe_Report was appointed:

To review general policy on allotments in the light of present-day conditions in England and Wales and to recommend what legislative and other changes, if any, are needed.

The Thorpe Report made 44 major recommendations. These included; allotment gardens should be made available to the growing number of flat-dwellers, sites should be provided with amenities such as toilets and pavilions, grants should be available for pensioners and, most importantly, that security of tenure was essential to the movement’s success. Thorpe strongly advocated the repealing of all existing legislation relating to allotments and replacing it by a single Act. He believed that the movement should strive to emulate its European counterparts and adopt the continental system of leisure gardens, in which the emphasis is on attractiveness and a high standard of maintenance. Read the full text of the Thorpe Report here.


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