What is allotment resources?

Allotmentresources.org is a website dedicated to preserving the knowledge, culture and traditions associated with the allotment movement and amateur gardening. It provides both popular and academic research resources and an interactive forum to exchange ideas and discuss issues related to growing-your-own.

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For electronic resources give the URL, date the site was accessed, type of resource, for example email, discussion forum.

To help you here are some examples:


Burchardt, J. 2002. The allotment movement in England 1793-1873. London: Royal

Historical Society.

Jo urnal article

Flavell, N. 2003. Urban allotment gardens in the eighteenth century: the case of Sheffield Agricultural History Review 51 (1): 95-106.

Electronic source

Hope, N., and V., Ellis. 2009. Can You Dig It? Meeting community demand for

allotments. NLGN, London. Retrieved on 14 December 2009 from World Wide Web:http://www.nlgn.org.uk /public/2009/can-you-dig-it-meeting- community-demand-for-allotments/.


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